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Quran Memorization means to remember the Quran and to learn it from your heart. Every Muslim has a religious, mental, spiritual, and physical goal to memorize the Holy Quran. You being able to comprehend the Divine Book of Allah, the Holy Quran, is the greatest gift and miracle of Allah (Subhana Wa’tala). Allah (S.W.T.) and a person can develop a deep relationship as a result of memorizing the Quran.

Also, it will strengthen the bonds that exist between a person and his community. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to memorizing the Holy Quran. If you wish to obtain a reward from Allah, you must be in a position to do so. To do this, work to attain it physically and work to advance spiritually so that you might reap the greatest rewards in this life and the next.

A crucial component of Quranic education is memorizing the Quran. It enables pupils to recite the Quran accurately and fluently and comprehend the verses’ deeper meanings and contexts. Our online Quran remembering course at Falah ul Quran Academy covers the Quran’s fundamental themes and recitation guidelines.

Class Duration

30 Minutes


One of our advanced Quran courses is online Quran memorization. For classes on memorising the Quran, one must travel to a madrassa or Islamic centre. Yet, a lot of people don’t have the time to get there due to other obligations. Such students might take an online Quran Memorization course from Online Quran Learnings. This course is intended for both individuals who wish to memorise the entire Quran as well as those who only want to memorise a portion of it.

We teach online Quran memorization classes in an easy way that All Muslims, including women, children, and adults, are welcome to enroll in this seminar. With this course, we provide three days of free evaluation lessons. Simply complete the form to begin your free trial classes. This course is also open to students who have completed Holy Quran Nazra and are proficient readers of the Holy Quran.

online hifz program

Quran memorization course at least two years old. In this, we try our best to complete the student’s memorization of the Quran in two years

online quran memorization classes for sisters

This online hifz course is also for our sisters and mothers who do not want to memorize the entire Holy Quran due to household busyness, but want to memorize the last few surahs, they can also easily join this course and memorize the Quran online. can do


1. Daily New Lesson: You must learn a new lesson on the Quran each day.

2. Recently Memorized Lessons (Sabaqi): The Holy Quranic verses that you have recently learned by heart (10–15 days). That is an important element of memorizing the Quran.

3. Previous Memorization Lessons: These are all the previous lessons you have memorized and studied for at least 20 to 30 days straight. They turn into the previous Quran memorization lessons.


Before to memorizing the first two parts, the student must allow the teacher 30 minutes for classwork. Then, for the following five days of the week, instruction is extended to 60 minutes. Each assignment that a student receives must be completed at home in 60 to 120-minute increments over several days. The average student memorizes the Holy Quran online in 3 years on average, however, this can vary from student to student and is dependent on the student’s speed.

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