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Most people are seeking a Quran teacher in their lives who can teach them the Quran using the correct recitation method and Tajweed rules, and while most people discover the perfect teacher for themselves, some people are unable to locate the ideal Quran teacher they are looking for. Okay, we’ve resolved all your issues. You can begin taking Quran classes thanks to the platform provided by our highly skilled online Quran tutors.

Our Quran Academy experience has shown us that online courses just require a new type of approach to Online Quran studying education, thus we highly recommend giving it a try if the hurdles don’t seem too unpleasant and the benefits seem very alluring. To view our performances, enroll in one of our online Quran courses.

Live Iqra Quran Academy specializes in the field of online Quran education. Several Basic and Fundamental courses are offered by us. Just reading the Quran is not sufficient; Tajweed of the Quran, or properly reciting the Quran, is equally crucial. For tajweed courses, we offer a large number of male and female professors.


We have the best team of Quran teachers, both male and female, who are dedicated to their work at the Quran Academy, are college graduates, and have extensive training. They can teach the Quran with the correct accent because the majority of them are Hafiz/Hafiza and Egyptian Arabic Quran Teachers. And therefore, if you have been searching for the best Quran Teacher and Quran Academy or a way to learn the Quran with Tajweed, this is your best option since all you need to do is enroll in our Best Quran Academy; the rest will be taken care of by us.

  • 24 Hour Service: We provide our students Quran Courses seven days a week so they can change their tutorial times to suit their availability, comfort, and convenience.
  • Qualification: Graduation from well best universities.
  • Certifications: Our Online Quran Teachers are well qualified and experienced.
  • Teaching Methodology: Our online Quran teachers have years of teaching expertise and have been educated to work with a variety of students. They have complete control over their recitation and may correct errors and rectify mistakes in recitation.
  • Personal Skills: Because we care so much about student satisfaction, we carefully consider a teacher’s commitment, timeliness, and competence before recruiting them.

Our Brilliant Students

Anam Sahito

Rehan Ali Sahito

M Arsal khan


Our Qualified Teachers

Qari Mohammad ishaq sahib

Qari Muhammad Ahsan

Qari Muhammad Hassan

Alhamdulillah !

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Why Choose Us


We have more students because all of the staff members are multilingual.

Updated System

Due to our modern system Students learn a lot (thanks)

Reliable Hadiya

Hadiya is only dependable for providing financial help for teachers.

Experienced Staff

Our expertise is a result of our knowledgeable workforce.

The best alternative for your children in this situation is an online Quran academy because it could be difficult to find a reliable Quran academy in Western countries. The students are placed in challenging Qirat and Tajweed classes. To attend Quran classes, Muslim sisters and daughters need female Quran teachers, which we also provide for you.

How does Live Iqra Academy work?

Register now, Select your course, Pay your monthly fee & start to take our online classes at your suitable time.

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